Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I create and add my Business listing to the directory?
  • How long does it take to get my business listed on Airdrie Exchange?
  • What are the benefits of being in Airdrie Exchange?
  • What is the return policy of participation fees if you decide to remove your listing Airdrie Exchange directory?
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • How do I modify my listing on Airdrie Exchange?
  • Do you accept websites outside of Airdrie and area?
  • I’ve submitted my business listing a week ago, but it’s not listed.
  • My site was listed but now it has been removed.
  • Why do you require websites to have their own domain names to be listed?
  • I want to submit my business but I’m not local to Airdrie and Area

How do I add my Business listing to the directory?

1)     You will need to create a login and keep for your record as you will need that for updates and changes to your listing as needed.  All businesses are welcome if you are licensed to conduct business in Airdrie or Area, that includes big box retail, industrial, local mom and pop shops, home based, MLM and E-commerce.

2)     Once you are logged in you can follow the instructions, you’ll need to know what time commitment you are taking so verify Pricing  beforehand. You will then need to upload logos, pictures and provide website links as well as write up your Owner Bio. Questions like how long you’ve lived in Airdrie or area, all areas are accepted but if your home is not found listed in the intake form, please contact owner Lindsey Coyle to discuss adding or if you have any questions at 4038312883 or email connect@airdrieexchange.com. Before entering payment ensure you’ve entered a discount code if applicable.  You can confirm active discount codes on our Community Appreciation Discounts, if one from the owner was given to you directly it will not be on this page.

3)     A submission of the onetime 30 days try it for free option will result in a 0 balance but credit card must be provided as website has an auto-renew function.  You will be emailed three times with the month prior to expiry and you can either delete if you do not want to pay or select your years of commitment (1-3 years) for your price. If you are an Airdrie or Crossfield Chamber of Commerce member input discount code for your 10% discount to be applied before adding payment.  Accepted forms of payment are Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. You will receive emails confirming once payment is received and listing is live on the site.

4)     Once the directory has substantial listings you will get an email to look at what companies you want to refer on your listing, there will be three spots.  We suggest a head, heart and soul approach, head is a business that compliments or aligns with your business, heart is a business you have personally used and have no reservations recommending them and lastly soul, we’d like you to consider a local non-profit charity who’s cause you support.  These businesses and non-profits must have a listing in the directory for you to refer them as we hyperlink the referral to their listing.  If your desired company is not in the directory, click here for a link to send them so they can get involved.

How long does it take to get my listing in the directory?

Businesses listed during 9-5 Monday to Friday will be live within following 1-2 business days to the best of my abilities.  Should the influx of listing become too overwhelming, I may need to increase the time needed by one day for expectations to be met. This is an effort to keep costs down in the first year of operation.

What are the benefits of being in Airdrie Exchange?

Airdrie Exchange was created to improve the visibility of all local business and non-profits, big or small by having an inclusive, unbiased directory.  People want to support local and need to be able to easily find the businesses ready and willing to serve them in the Airdrie and area. The owner has a uniqueness to them which will translate into their business.  What is your WHY, why do you believe in your business service or product, why is it important and needed? What is your vision of what you want your business to be able to do for you, your family and Airdrie?  Reconnect with why you are excited about your business, you stepped out as an owner or manager and committed to serving Airdrie so now is the time to tell your story.

What is the refund policy if I decide to remove my business from Airdrie Exchange directory?

All directory participation fees are non-refundable for duration of initial commitment term. If you do not want to participate further past your commitment term at renewal time you must delete your listing or it will auto-renew. Once listing has been deleted you will be contacted once to explore how we can improve go forward as due diligence on our part. If your business has shut it’s doors and is no longer in operation, please contact Lindsey Coyle at 4038312883 or email connect@airdrieexchange.com and we will delete listing in advance of your renewal period. Once a listing has been delete you will need to recreate listing if you decide to participate at a later time as there is no system recovery on our end.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently, for online payments, we accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. Phone 403-831-2883, Lindsey Coyle owner’s cell phone, M-F 9:00am – 5:00pm MST if you have any questions or concerns before you create your listing.

How do I modify my listing?

You may login in at anytime to modify your listing.  Only at renewal time can you determine your participation commitment length and rate, it cannot be modified mid year.

Do you accept businesses outside of Airdrie?

At Airdrie Exchange our directory will accept all listings from all areas, we believe that where the company is based in relevant information and a starting point for the integrity of the business. Your listing will show prominently where your company is based and based means where the company is physically located like any brick and mortar establishment. If the owner lives in Calgary or Crossfield but serves Airdrie by being mobile the company is based where the owner lives. If it is found that people are using an Airdrie address to appear local when in fact it is not the case, you will be given opportunity to rectify and step back into integrity so trust can be built with the community you serve. Should a business ignore this requirement and not rectify or respond to us, the listing will be deleted 30 days after notice was given and participation fees are non refundable. Please contact us to add your location if you do not see it in the list of communities or surrounding towns and cities.

I’ve submitted my listing a week ago, but it’s not listed.

If you submitted successfully and you’re not finding it, the 5 most popular reasons for your listing to not show up are:

  1. a typo in your email address provided has created a block for follow up
  2. payment did not go through
  3. verification as to whether you are licensed to do business in Airdrie and area is being done.
  4. Address provided for your business may need to be verified.
  5. finally, human error on our part, please call or email so we can look into it.

Make sure to read our Listing Guidelines before submitting your business

My business was listed but now it has been removed.

First, we will contact business with contact information provided in listing if we see any issue for us to need to deactivate. Please read the Listing Guidelines to ensure that your website is not in violation of our requirements. We check for broken URLs at the time you submit and or it’s been reported broken and verified at any given point. You would be notified by email immediately of any issues detected so please confirm the contact email provided or check your Junk mail folder and authorize us as a sender for future communication.  You may have selected the one-time option of the try if for free 30-day option and it has now expired.

Why do you require websites to have their own domain names to be listed on Airdrie Exchange?

Most webmasters such as ISP pages, Tripod and AOL as examples, that offer free accounts for these sites are not maintained adequately long term. As a result, we have decided to not invest on our end a great deal of time checking and modifying the links to these sites to ensure that they were still active by making this rule. Generally, webmasters are more serious about maintaining sites with their own domain names. With so many companies offering domain registration at very affordable rates, there is no reason to not have your own domain name if you are serious about your website. Shop around and keep in mind that the cheapest price isn’t always the best option. Be sure to ask questions and do your research to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable company

I want to submit my business, but my business is based in a city that isn’t listed in intake form?

Please contact us to discuss adding, 403-831-2883 Lindsey Coyle owner’s cell phone M-F 9:00am – 5:00pm MST or via email anytime connect@airdrieexchange.com.