BLOG 21 – Edna Jackson with Tails to Tell

Edna standing with the van purchased from the donation from 100 Men Who Give a Damn, December 2018
If you have ever met or spoke to Edna you will understand why Tails to Tell is an Airdrie non profit sweetheart. Airdrie an area is compelled to help and volunteer with Tails to Tell because the dedication of Edna is inspiring. In case you are not aware of what Tails to tell is, it’s a no-kill cat rescue shelter run 100% by donation and volunteers. This little operation that creates such huge impact is a story that needs to be told.
Edna owned Critter Pet’s Supply Shop, she started Tails to Tell, July 12th, 2010 and they rescued cats and dogs. In 2012 Edna made the decision, she closed her pet supply store and went to rescuing strickly cats to simplify the space available for the greatest impact. When Edna went over the financial obligations they need to meet every month and the fact that they are a 100% donation and volunteer run organization I was blown away. Who here could fathom raising $16k a month? I certainly can’t. I’ve been on a team that raised that in 6 months for a local festival and that was a concerted effort of a team and engagement from our local businesses. Edna ensured the rent for location is paid every month through her personal pension. If that doesn’t get you in the feels, you may need to hold a mirror under your nose and see if you’re breathing… The food, litter and vet needs of the felines is 7-12k! In order to promote responsible pet ownership Tails to Tell ensures all of their animals are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, tattooed and microchipped before they leave their shelter. Edna said there is typically more month than money left each month.
When we spoke in relation to my favourite question, If the world was your oyster what would you like to see happen with your organization? Edna expressed her desire to bring the rescue operations to be housed in Airdrie as 70% of her volunteers are from Airdrie. The current needs of Tails to Tell that Edna is scrambling to make happen is source a reliable set of washer and dryer to have on site as they launder more than you can imagine. They also have a $1600 annual renewal of their insurance coming up that is causing organization to sweat.
I was privy to a rescue of a sweet cat that was spotted in the construction site on Sierra Springs where the Montana’s just opened during the cold and dark of last winter. An injured cat was spotted and volunteers showed up with flashlights and fanned out on site. Theycaught the attention of the construction crew and with all hands on deck they found poor little Ronin with a broken hind leg suffering in the dark cold. Ronin has since healed and been rehomed. On that note Edna humbly advised that almost 4000 cats have been rehomed over the last 9 years through Tails to Tell! When I asked what she would say if she had an audience that was listening, without hesitation Edna pleaded that people would spay and neuter their cats. Cats would not be suffering to the extent Edna has witnessed if owners were responsible and got their pets fixed. I wholeheartedly agree with Edna and recognize that many owners love their cats unquestionably and yet don’t see the neutering or spaying of cat as a big a priority. Through education and consistent messaging from Edna and her army of 40 volunteers, they hope to change this for Airdrie and area. Volunteering with the organization is always welcomed and great for all ages. Jessi A has her two young daughters there every month to put in some volunteer hours and instill the habit of contributing to their community. Parenting done right in my eyes! Check Tails To Tell‘s listing if you can see anyway to help through your time, energy or donation, or you just want to see cute cat pictures!
Cat - tails to tell
Obligatory Cute Cat Pic