BLOG 11 Christelle Hitimana of Healthy Meals Made Easy

I met with Christelle over a year ago when I was researching for my first business idea, Exchange of Presence (details of that business are discussed in my first blog). My husband and I had “dates” with our kids doing meal prep with Christelle, it was fun and the kids ate their creations with so much pride, I believe we did a pasta free meat lasagna and a stickly lemon chicken.
When I sat down with Christelle and found out how her business came to be I quite literally got goosebumps. Christelle was a youth worker in mental health among teens. She encountered suicidal teens and worked to support them on their journey to finding their way. Rather than be on the end of helping teens already suicidal, Christelle learnt through a study that families that eat healthy meals together often reduce teen suicide by 70% (see source link below). So Healthy Meals Made Easy provides busy families taxed on time and running to activities the means to still sit and eat a nutritious healthy meal together. Is this not a beautiful why? Meeting people like Christelle and seeing how she is doing her business for all the right reasons makes it very easy for me to want to support her and champion her for success. Success for Christelle when asked was to see her business franchised out to other communities so more families and individuals can be reached with healthy, unprocessed meal options at home.
Healthy Meals Made Easy offers some great favorites like the Cauliflower and bacon Ravioli that Christelle concocted and many customers have on repeat as it’s a hit. She also offers many low carb and gluten free option to fit any lifestyle, they are affordable and freshly made.  You’ll find her commercial kitchen and retail space on Main Street between the Urgent care facility and The Shoppers Drugmart across from the Towerlane Center. You can find Healthy Meals Made Easy in our directory for your online shopping options or go in and see what’s in the freezers. The other option is to set up a visit where you and your family can do the meal prep together like we did, you just pay the cost of your meals.  It really is a fun thing to do, my kids were 6 & 8 at the time and I highly recommend it. source for quote of link of increase weekly family meals decreases the likelihood of teen suicide by 70%