BLOG 19- Theresa Bowker of Best of Health

I met Theresa last year at an AWBA meeting where she explained BOWEN technique. It’s relatively new to Canada, as it was brought here from Australia 15 years ago. Theresa has 20 years experience as an RMT(registered massage therapist) and added BOWEN to her repertoir 7 years ago. Her motivation to bring this therapy to everyone is a great story. Knowing what Theresa knows now and applying it to her life events, everything makes so much sense.
While Theresa was a young child in grade 2 she experienced being dropped by her good friend from the full height of the teeter-totter when the bell rang to notify them recess was over. She was sore for days but recovered without much incident, however within a month of this she experience the onset of a lifetime of pain and discomfort of debillitating migrains and sciatica. She manoevered her life with an almost constant 8 out of 10 for pain and saw some temperary relief from receiving massage therapy, which was her first reason to see others dealing with pain to get any relief she could provide them. Eight years ago she herself went through BOWEN therapy and for the first time ever she achieved a constant 1 out of 10. This was life altering and obviously why she obtained the training to provide relief for others. She not only does this through her home practice she also employs many others to bring this therapy into senior living centres in over 10 other cities and towns. As I write this I have just completed three sessions with Theresa last Friday and I highly recommend. This is a therapy you can claim through your insurance under massage, though the experience of the Bowen technique does not feel like a traditional massage.
BOHM Logo - Best of HealthSo what is Bowen technique you ask? It is the repatterning of your targetted nerves, almost a reset if you will so you can allow the body to operate as it is designed. Theresa skillfully determines where the imbalances are based on the symptoms or ailments you experience, where she applies the techniques are not always obvious. I personally learnt about the nerve issues that can arise from tailbone injuries, pelvis trauma from giving birth and other nerve related issues you can trace back to an incorrect signal from the nerves due to trauma, or built up stresses on the body that can cause chronic issues. Theresa treats many for anxiety, gut issues, fertility, sciatica and hormonal imbalances through BOWEN with great outcomes. Since this is relatively new I would suggest contacting Theresa at Best of Health to see if the Bowen technique would help you. All this time I thought of muscles and bones and never once really considered the nerves, this was quite eye opening.