BLOG 22 Kim Greenzinan of WFG (World Financial Group)

You may know Kim from all his years of involvement in our community with his work on the Parades and Firework Committee as the volunteer coordinator as well as the DeMolay Youth group where Kim recently ensured were all well fed on their last weekend camping event. Or you may see him when the Wildrose Shrine Club puts on their Santa pics at Walmart to benefit the Children’s hospital. Kim and his wife also are involved with helping the city with their urban beekeeping project with tours to their personal hives, as they own Bee Wize(also found in the directory) selling bee products and equipment for beekeeping. Kim has been licensed in the financial industry just over two years and he describes the immense satisfaction he gets from seeing young families getting clarity though the education and awareness he provides on how money works. Helping families see a future with their finances is very fulfilling to Kim. If you want to learn about your own personal finances check Kim Greenizan’s WFG listing