BLOG 23 Bobbie Cochrane of Bobbie Cochrane Counselling and Coaching

In speaking to Bobbie I could see how she puts people at ease, because she is warm and friendly. Interesting connection is that Bobbie is married to Rob of Cadco Rentals who is also in the directory. She reached out to Airdrie Exchange because she made her video coaching series free and she wanted her community to have access to this resource. There are no strings attached, she genuinely wants all to have access to tools and resources, because it takes doing the work included not just watching videos. Bobbie has been counseling and coaching adults and teen since 2009, and recently has been working heavily with businesses for workplace coaching for executives and teams. There is no shame in needing help and Bobbie Cochrane Counseling and Coaching offers privacy and comfort within her home practice for you to receive professional care or she can come to you for workplace assessments or lunch and learns. Did we mention she is also a published author with her book “Why Does This Keep Happening?”, check her website out for links to purchase as well as the free video series . Bobbie is trained in EMDR, hypnotherapy to help people work through trauma, depression and anxiety. Please don’t suffer, if you need help reach out. If you are ready to take your life by the… horns, give Bobbie a call as well so with her coaching you don’t get sidelined by life, she can help you step into the most powerful version of yourself.