My intentions.

Much like the times when boys had to visit the parents of a girl he wanted to court and state his intentions before even going on a date, I find myself in a position of declaring my intentions with Airdrie Exchange. I intend to use Airdrie Exchange as a tool to connect the community. I met with a local CPA during my business planning phase and the seed was planted of the needs of the business community and how local jobs postings and rentals would be helpful is all in one spot. It makes sense once the directory is built and the marketing has driven families to use the site for directory and event calendar to add these features as well.  One centralized site to find what you need if you live here makes sense. I’m a fan of point form since I can get long winded at times, so I’m going to break down.

My Intentions to Airdrie

  • Connect the community and see our city’s identity take shape
  • Businesses see ROI from improving exposure & experience delivery focus
  • See life become easier in Airdrie because the information needed is centralized.
  • Improve support for non-profits for fundraising event attendance and volunteer needs
  • Empower more to step into their leadership and create positive change in our community.

My Intentions to my family

  • Create opportunities to us to travel extensively together
  • Reap financial security from starting a business
  • Become philanthropists locally, nationally and globally.
  • Advocate for progress rather than apathy in all veins of status quo.
  • To be a space of compassion for all

The company Mission, Vision and values

Airdrie Exchange is connecting the community and cultivating a collaborative environment for exponential thriving.

To bring humanity to the forefront while honoring our responsibility to peacefully challenge status quo for positive change.

Responsibility, Integrity and Compassion

Next Blog will be introducing a local business that is in the directory.