Local Businesses Supporting Local Business

Many new initiatives to be introduced in the near future.

The Golden Lab/X in our branding is our beloved dog Sierra, she passed in spring of 2017. She is the epitome of loyal.

In the past we came together to support both a business and community due to a sudden closure. Lets be more proactive and put the “Exchange” into practice. 

Imagine an Adopt a Non Profit Program where a business can sponsor them to be in the directory for the year and have two events promoted by Airdrie Exchange during that time. We think this is a great way to support our amazing NonProfit Sector and hope you feel the same way.

Soon to come is a Business Connector Program, where we currate a B2B environment meant to be win/win/win. Business owners are busy and here at Airdrie Exchange we are looking to make your lives easier. Watch for our announcement of these programs to secure your spot as there will be limited space in this program.

We are also creating more flexibility within our pricing structure to allow low monthly payments to create an inclusive environment for businesses of all sizes.

Supporting local is going to become so much easier for everyone involved as our vision comes alive.