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BLOG 17- Samantha Laycock of BeYOUtiful Box

BeYOUtiful Box Owner Samantha Laycock

Samantha was introduced to me a couple years ago through a mutual friend at an event where she spoke to her radical journey of self love. With BeYOUtiful Box the business she launched May of 2016, she delivers a monthly subscription dose of self love treats to the doorstep for women that struggle to make self care happen regularly. The treats in the box are all Canadian and or locally sourced, from bathbombs, sweets, makeup, jewelry and handcrafted items which alway include the company info if you want to replenish or explore the company’s other products. I personally purchased the BeYOUtiful advent box for my mom this Christmas and the thought and care that went into the wrapping of the gifts was extrordinary. What I especially loved about it was my mom calling me almost every day to let me know what she got that day. I will definitely purchase this again next year just based on the connection it creates between the recipient and the donor throughout the month of December. Samantha explained that the testimonials and thanks you she has received from recipents haven’t been as much about the items in the box but more the effect of regular practice of self love and what that does for the woman’s sense of self-worth and general outlook on life. Samantha’s goal is to gently remind 100 women, monthly that they are beautiful and deserving of love through her BeYOUtiful Boxes and even more women through her public speaking engagements.

Samantha is very open and honest about the realities of being a woman, a mom, a human. The daily struggles of life and the past you must leave behind are all subjects of discussed in her Facebook group The Orenda Tribe, she successfully created a safe space for women to engage.

Fitting that we post about Samantha and BeYOUtiful Box now as she just launched BeYOUtiful Bundles for this Valentines. She wants to send 20 BeYOUtiful Bundles( box of 5 gifts) to Rowan House the woman’s shelter in High River so from this Valentines on, the women needing to be in the shelter will know they are worth of love. See her website though her listing to see how you can support this compassionate initiative.

BLOG 16 Jessica and Daniel Walker of Jumble District

I have used Jumble District over this last year as a means to get work done and let kids get active and have fun, balancing the mom guilt with business building. In those visits I was able to see the family coming together behind the scenes, I saw Jessica’s mom in the kitchen, I saw Daniel manning the floor and setting the standard for the engagement needed at the climbing walls, trampolines and so forth. Meanwhile Jessica comes out from the office after completing the administration for HR, payroll, accounts receivable and payable and other fun stuff that sounds overwhelming just writing it. As I work away on my laptop I witness exactly why I knew I had to have them in the directory. Malachi and Delaih come running up to their mom and dad, red faced and speaking a mile a minute and I see exactly why they poured themselves into this business. They want families to connect, to do things together and have fun! They are living what they made their purpose. Their kids play hockey and they both stressed outside of hockey they need to stay active and have fun or else they just resort to screen time. They were aware of this challenge and wanted to create a space to fill that need. Boy did they fill that need! The space is 24101 square feet, 11000 of that is trampoline park, 5 climbing wall, a four level play structure and a Toddler District. There are 5 private rooms to accomodate birthday parties and a 4 person air hockey game central to the tables by the food counter. My kids go hours and hours and I have to stop feeding them for them to be ready to finally go. In getting to know Jessica and Daniel I can see the commitment they have to the community as they see the need for more things to do in Airdrie for teens, and adults for that matter. Watch for their monthly regular after hours Teen’s Nights and my favorite, dodgeball night. I believe we have an untapped resource in our city as schools could be using Jumble District to fill some of the outings and reward events for our kids. Support local isn’t about location but about dedication to making Airdrie and area better and Jumble District is definitely a local gem.

BLOG 15 Kent Hudson of Airdrie Furnace and Duct Cleaning

I met Kent this fall when he and his crew cleaned our duct work, getting ready for winter. They arrived when scheduled, were polite, professional and I paid  of much less than what I did the last time I got our ducts clean which was a couple years ago, based on the cost I was shy to revisit the service. I’m so glad I reached out to them, they did a fantastic job! Kent and I had a great conversation in my kitchen about the challenges of google and the hustle of local companies to show up on the first page of google searchs. SEO and P.O. boxes for companies to circumvent the actual city they are based in was just the tip of the iceberg. Naturally his participation in our directory comes from his understanding of what we are trying to accomplish for the business community. Kent is a smart business man. You can see this by the recent rebranding he did in July of 2017. Kent originally started his furnace cleaning business under Airdrie EnerClean and operated as such since 2009. This is a great collaboration story so pay attention. Both companies involved were providing such great work and service that they were referring business to each other with confidence. Based on this trusting relationship they decided to align more with name and branding. They are two seperate companies that trust each other and feel a responsibility to uphold their end of excellent service and work as its reflective of both of them. Kent had nothing but kind and glowing things to say about Jason Genovy of Airdrie Air and I admire two companies that can see their strength only grow from this collaboration.
Business is booming and Kent confirmed 500 Airdrie residential homes used their services in 2018 and are aiming for 750 next year, with that growth we see a growth in their team as well. Kent was very transparent and honest with his pricing structure. They use a flat rate based on square footage rather than by vent or such as they like streamlining the invoicing so that what they quote is exactly what you pay. He stated the only time there has ever been a variance is because the owner decided to replace a filter for furnace or a humidifier filter as well through them rather than going to purchase one themselves and install. They may have also decided to get their dryer vent done while they are there if they never have had it looked at before. My husband is a firefighter so he checks our dryer vent regularly since he is all too aware of the dangers if the vent does get blocked. PSA for you home owners, get it checked if you haven’t within the last year. Kent advised cleaning your duct work does not need to be a seasonal job, the more you avoid the busy season the greater the savings you will experience. Clean ducts in the spring and summer will be just as clean in the fall and winter when you turn furnace back on. I didn’t realize that. If you own a home and understand how duct cleanings will prolong the life of your furnace, consider Airdrie Furnace and Duct Cleaning. A little birdie may have mentioned a great sale for this service coming up real soon. 

BLOG 14- Katherine Gillan of From the Pear Tree

Katherine has an interesting niche that her business caters to, a papoose or Moses basket for dolls as well as clothing for dolls and most recently added branded vendor (human kind) solutions in the form of aprons as seen on Katherine in the above picture. When asked what she does she says she creates quality custom handcrafted items that stimulate imaginative play and support learning and communication between you and your kids. In this digital era, I can see the value of what she is doing, an alternative to screen time in needed. Katherine launched back in February 2011 almost 8 years ago, she had recently become a single, first time mom and created a part-time income through her business. Her connection within a doll community encouraged her to take on making doll clothing specifically for the Bamboletta doll because of the need and her talent, she caught the attention of Fig & Me doll producer and when they released the proprietary pattern, they gave Katherine permission to make the ever-popular papoose, as seen in the picture.
  She recently attended many markets to get her face and brand out there, quite effectively I might add. Most of her business stems from her website and social media. If you have a doll lover (18” style like American Girl) that would appreciate some accessories and clothing, please see her listing in Airdrie Exchange to explore what From the Pear Tree can do for you.

BLOG 13 Lindsey Coyle of Airdrie Exchange

Lindsey Coyle - Airdrie Exchange
It’s December 19th and I’m writting this blog but it’s also the point in time where we start to accept that the rest of the month is a write off as productivity during these holidays is almost futile. We interviewed two business owners to write about in our blog but based on timing for their promotions and such we pushed their write ups for the coming weeks. So you’re stuck with me. We further delayed publishing this post to sync up with the release of the Here’s the Scoop contribution printing. We’ve been in business 3 and a half months and we can confidently say, this is the hardest thing we’ve ever taken on. I personally was sick for a solid 3 weeks with a flu turned bronchitis and I’m currently sitting with a killer viral sinus infection. I don’t half ass anything. During this down time of not going to events, meetings or anything really, we put our heads down and did some major reality checks. Up to this point we were of the mindset that the business is slowly growing and will build momentum once the tipping point occurs. Now we’re seeing a need to do better. We’ve read books, taken courses and asked experts the questions and everything points to us not being clear in our message, our branding and our website. Kind of a hard pill to swallow but so is failure and that is not an option. We’ve decided to strip the website down to bare necessities in an effort to keep our message simple and clear. We have a vision of what we want Airdrie Exchange to be and we’ll use our blog to articulate that but as far as a stranger that jumps on our site knows, Airdrie Exchange is a business directory that looks at how the business serves the community rather that what they do. What do we mean by that? A great example of this would be Healthy Meals Made Easy, this company does healthy meal preps for you to buy. However we thought of all the times we would think to use the services would be when a new mom just gets home from the hospital with the baby, or for a recently widowed senior or when a child is sick and the family is rallying around them at the hospital. These are moments when we want to help them and we think we’ll just make them a meal. At this time we’re not afraid to admit we’re struggling to get meals on the table for our own families between activities and our new business, so taking on making another family meals isn’t really in the cards without putting ourselves into a tailspin. So a gift card for them at Healthy Meals Made Easy and they can pick what they like and fits their dietary needs. So when you look at postnatal care in our directory you will see doulas, physiotherapists and meal prep. We think when you start browsing a directory it’s for ideas and by seeing all the businesses that collectively serve in the area you’re looking you may find your answer.
We’re looking for the website to do all the heavy lifting so we can keep costs down as long as we can, as we are currently a business of one. We are rebranding site and really looking to capture all the information during the listing process. We want to have space rentals captured so we have a compiled list to use down the line. We want this site to be resource for families and businesses and non profits. At this point we are going to focus on making it the best local business directory and we will do everything we can to see the businesses that participate in it to see value and feel supported. We’re firm believers while Airdrie Exchange is young and running financially lean, we can create the value through out efforts, sweat equity in essense.
We feel very intune to the struggles of small businesses as we are one and we committed this business to helping the business community overcome those challenges based on our very own needs and financial realities. When we roll out ATown Syndicate you will see the most innovative way local companies can customize and budget their marketing plan for the year using any and all of the local advertising mediums. Airdrie Exchange’s ATown Syndicate is going to increase business for all, including all the advertising mediums of paper, radio, billboards, bus wraps and innovative cutting edge technologies not even used yet. Prepare for 2019, it’s setting up to be mindblowing!

BLOG 12 Kerrie Collingham of Kre8ing Waves

I have met Kerrie numerous times over the last year at markets and events and finally at a recent event through Gypsiella I was able to connect with her and get to know more about what she does. I found what she does so intriguing I referred my mom, she now takes her great Pyrenees Milah to Kerrie for Magna wave treatments. Big dogs are famous for arthritis and joint issues and poor Milah has already had an ACL tear and reparative surgery 3 years ago and she is only 6 years old now. I jealously call Milah my little sister, as my mom makes all pets instant family, but this big fluffy polar bear sized sweetheart is a show stopper. The magna wave therapy that Kerrie offers is a chance to offer Milah pain relief, reduced inflammation so healing can occur. I recently tore my achilles and going through the healing process so this therapy as I learned would help me as well.

Kre8ing Waves started in June of this year and Kerrie Collingham the owner listed in our directory back in October, if you want to explore PEMF therapy for yourself or your four-legged family members. Kerrie works from home and is mobile with her PEMF device which essentially increases circulation at a cellular level using magnetic waves being aimed at pain affected joints (arthritis and ACL tears). This therapy is a drug free alternative for pain control and allows the natural healing process to occur when the inflammation is reduced.

In speaking to Kerrie her passion is for pets based on her experience with supporting her own dog’s recovery from a knee injury, she wished she knew about magna wave back then. The vision for her company is to someday open a pet rehabilitation pool, in conjunction with the current magna wave therapy, could provide a fun alternative to pain relief and healing. I’d love to see her successful in this vision, many owners would do anything to offer relief from pain for their loved fur babies.

BLOG 11 Christelle Hitimana of Healthy Meals Made Easy

I met with Christelle over a year ago when I was researching for my first business idea, Exchange of Presence (details of that business are discussed in my first blog). My husband and I had “dates” with our kids doing meal prep with Christelle, it was fun and the kids ate their creations with so much pride, I believe we did a pasta free meat lasagna and a stickly lemon chicken.
When I sat down with Christelle and found out how her business came to be I quite literally got goosebumps. Christelle was a youth worker in mental health among teens. She encountered suicidal teens and worked to support them on their journey to finding their way. Rather than be on the end of helping teens already suicidal, Christelle learnt through a study that families that eat healthy meals together often reduce teen suicide by 70% (see source link below). So Healthy Meals Made Easy provides busy families taxed on time and running to activities the means to still sit and eat a nutritious healthy meal together. Is this not a beautiful why? Meeting people like Christelle and seeing how she is doing her business for all the right reasons makes it very easy for me to want to support her and champion her for success. Success for Christelle when asked was to see her business franchised out to other communities so more families and individuals can be reached with healthy, unprocessed meal options at home.
Healthy Meals Made Easy offers some great favorites like the Cauliflower and bacon Ravioli that Christelle concocted and many customers have on repeat as it’s a hit. She also offers many low carb and gluten free option to fit any lifestyle, they are affordable and freshly made.  You’ll find her commercial kitchen and retail space on Main Street between the Urgent care facility and The Shoppers Drugmart across from the Towerlane Center. You can find Healthy Meals Made Easy in our directory for your online shopping options or go in and see what’s in the freezers. The other option is to set up a visit where you and your family can do the meal prep together like we did, you just pay the cost of your meals.  It really is a fun thing to do, my kids were 6 & 8 at the time and I highly recommend it. source for quote of link of increase weekly family meals decreases the likelihood of teen suicide by 70%

Blog 10 Rob Cadwell of CADCO Rentals

Rob was the first to add a business in the directory and he took advantage of the 30 days free option. He was operating a trucking company in Spruce Grove and he changed gears(yep totally intended) and started CADCO Rentals. In April of 2018, Rob brought his family owned business CADCO Rentals and the impressive inventory to Airdrie in an effort to be closer to his home and family that had moved to Airdrie over 2 years ago.

CADCO Rentals machinery inventory available for rent can cover your home jobs to commercial, from skid steers, mini backhoes and small to medium loaders, dump trucks and more, with free delivery and pick up. YES free delivery and pick up so that means no truck, no problem. No straps or tarps to rent as well, so their value to homeowners and small operations is huge. However they can accommodate large commercial and industrial outfits with their equipment needs as well. I was told that you can put a rider on your home and auto insurance for the equipment rental to extend your liability and add fire theft and loss. 

Rob has a huge desire to give back to the community especially to young kids. I couldn’t help but think of my little brother that was infatuated with loaders and dump trucks and how he would have been absolutely gobsmacked if he got to explore one at that peak interest age. We discussed the possibility of creating just such an opportunity in the community for our littles that love the machinery that Rob has. Both Rob and I grew up with trucking and heavy machinery, we both discussed sitting on our parent’s lap “driving” or in my case scooping and dumping sugar beets. So how does that shape you as you grow up? I couldn’t help but think that we both are business owner… Hmmm, I wonder? We’re happy Rob listed with, this spring our backyard project seems much more feasible with the equipment we now know is available to us. 

Blog 9 Pamela Jarosz and Cody Fitzsimmons of Fitzsimmons Brewing Co.

Airdrie welcomed its first microbrewery just over a year ago when Fitzsimmons Brewing Co. opened their doors. The seed of owning a micro brewery was planted 6 years ago for Pamela Jarosz and Cody Fitzsimmons when they saw how common they were in BC. Three years ago, they started to research and found due to Alberta laws it wasn’t possible until recently the laws changed and it was! Talk about great timing. Being one of the first wave of micro-breweries in Alberta is a bad-ass thing, it’s paving the way for others and we will start to see more and more pop up and this is a great thing! 

You know you are on the right track when crazy coincidences occur to help you. When Pamela and Cody were sourcing quotes for the equipment needed for a microbrewery they were pleasantly surprised that their aunt sat beside a man on her flight to Kelowna and he happened to be a microbrewery equipment dealer… Say what?!  Yep not only are they ecstatic to have found exactly what they needed for great value but a friendship was forged. The universe is friendly.

When at Fitzsimmons you see people sampling a pint and chatting with friends seated cozily on couches, you see families with their kids and friends meeting for a quick brew after kid’s sport practice. With AGLA minors are allowed in micro breweries, as long as they are accompanied by their legal guardian/ parent.  Kind of cool as I was able to attend a Rotary meeting with my 7 year old daughter in tow, enjoy a cranberry pomegranate sour and letting her enjoy my phone so I could be present for the meeting. I mentioned how many events I’ve attended at Fitzsimmons lately and they beamed as they were happy to see the community adopt them as a hub. Other than always abiding by the AGLA laws, Pamela and Cody are committed to giving back to the community by accommodating non-profits the best they can, provide a space for events and in turn they are turning themselves into a venue for Airdrie as a whole.

The biggest challenge is to get the word out to the masses of Airdrie that they exist. If you attended Airdrie Fest this year you may have seen our first beer garden, hosted by none other than Fitzsimmons Brewing Co. and Main Street BBQ. Is it me or are all our events just getting better and better? I love watching people doing what they love as they have a childlike enthusiasm about concocting new beers, the creativity and craftsmanship to do it well is a by-product of pride. Cody and Pamela have every reason to be proud, one year later their business is growing and growing and who knows what next year will look like. Celebrate their first birthday with them this Saturday the 24th of November at their Brewery, there’s food trucks, games and ways to give back to Airdrie Food Bank. The pictures in the is blog were taken by the local talented photographer Cassia Davy from Davy Photography, and the cupcakes were purchased locally at Avenue Cakery and Bakeshoppe. The photo shoot was a lot of fun and it was easy to see Pamela and Cody are happy where they are at, take time to connect with some friends and sample some fine beers and check out Fitzsimmons Brewing Co.

BLOG 8 Kelsey Davidson Alive Fitness & Wellness

I met Kelsey online when she was running a 30 Day Facebook Fitness challenge through her business Alive Fitness and Wellness over two years ago. Not only did I complete numerous months of workouts through her app, I also attended a workshop where I finally met her face to face, where she introduced me to numerous powerhouse entrepreneur women. Brandy Corcoran was collaborating with Kelsey for the workshop as a trained counsellor and she also just happens to be a Norwex National sales director. Lenora Collins a spiritual coach and healer and all around amazing person you’d love to be around, her energy is contagious. Three valued relationships formed in one last minute decision to say yes to attending a women’s empowerment workshop. Kelsey tends to be a catalyst for bringing women together and now I see her encompassing tweens and teens under her wings of care. This is something I completely support as Kelsey is a great role model of being competitive and compassionate, together, these two things create a healthy sense of confidence. Don’t be fooled by her soft voice and kind smile, she is a fierce badass that picked up and moved to Costa Rica with her family because she wouldn’t let fear hold her back. That is something I admire about her. Kelsey’s approach to wellness is not about just exercise and nutrition but to play outside with your kids and feel good. She adds a soft and subtle element of accountability that works, and I personally appreciated it, I attribute that to her being a good read of what a person needs or likes to remain motivated. That’s kind of a key element to creating a healthy lifestyle. Kelsey brought Airdrie the first Breast Cancer Live, Love, Run this past month out of sheer dedication to her community. We are so glad she is participating in our directory, she’s a health influencer in Airdrie so keep an eye on her!