Blog 9 Pamela Jarosz and Cody Fitzsimmons of Fitzsimmons Brewing Co.

Airdrie welcomed its first microbrewery just over a year ago when Fitzsimmons Brewing Co. opened their doors. The seed of owning a micro brewery was planted 6 years ago for Pamela Jarosz and Cody Fitzsimmons when they saw how common they were in BC. Three years ago, they started to research and found due to Alberta laws it wasn’t possible until recently the laws changed and it was! Talk about great timing. Being one of the first wave of micro-breweries in Alberta is a bad-ass thing, it’s paving the way for others and we will start to see more and more pop up and this is a great thing! 

You know you are on the right track when crazy coincidences occur to help you. When Pamela and Cody were sourcing quotes for the equipment needed for a microbrewery they were pleasantly surprised that their aunt sat beside a man on her flight to Kelowna and he happened to be a microbrewery equipment dealer… Say what?!  Yep not only are they ecstatic to have found exactly what they needed for great value but a friendship was forged. The universe is friendly.

When at Fitzsimmons you see people sampling a pint and chatting with friends seated cozily on couches, you see families with their kids and friends meeting for a quick brew after kid’s sport practice. With AGLA minors are allowed in micro breweries, as long as they are accompanied by their legal guardian/ parent.  Kind of cool as I was able to attend a Rotary meeting with my 7 year old daughter in tow, enjoy a cranberry pomegranate sour and letting her enjoy my phone so I could be present for the meeting. I mentioned how many events I’ve attended at Fitzsimmons lately and they beamed as they were happy to see the community adopt them as a hub. Other than always abiding by the AGLA laws, Pamela and Cody are committed to giving back to the community by accommodating non-profits the best they can, provide a space for events and in turn they are turning themselves into a venue for Airdrie as a whole.

The biggest challenge is to get the word out to the masses of Airdrie that they exist. If you attended Airdrie Fest this year you may have seen our first beer garden, hosted by none other than Fitzsimmons Brewing Co. and Main Street BBQ. Is it me or are all our events just getting better and better? I love watching people doing what they love as they have a childlike enthusiasm about concocting new beers, the creativity and craftsmanship to do it well is a by-product of pride. Cody and Pamela have every reason to be proud, one year later their business is growing and growing and who knows what next year will look like. Celebrate their first birthday with them this Saturday the 24th of November at their Brewery, there’s food trucks, games and ways to give back to Airdrie Food Bank. The pictures in the is blog were taken by the local talented photographer Cassia Davy from Davy Photography, and the cupcakes were purchased locally at Avenue Cakery and Bakeshoppe. The photo shoot was a lot of fun and it was easy to see Pamela and Cody are happy where they are at, take time to connect with some friends and sample some fine beers and check out Fitzsimmons Brewing Co.

Author: Lindsey Coyle

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