Blog 6 Airdrie Exchange Your Business Connection to Tania Hryciuk

Tania Hryciuk is the owner, operator and talent of A Tisket a Tasket Basket and Blooms a local home-based gift basket and arrangement company. With Tania’s design background, passion to be creative and provide personal touches with exceptional local quality items, she is a great resource. Her husband is in the middle of building the cooler in their basement to house the blooms

 for this new addition to the business. Daisy her dog was with us as we chatted and loved the attention. Tania was the first to participate in the directory and an avid cheerleader, I am ever so grateful for. Although we are a relatively new budding friendship I see such a warm, caring woman that would be a hoot to go out and have drinks with, Funny that the goal of Airdrie Exchange is to connect the community and I feel I have exponentially connected with more quality people since its’ inception than ever before. As a mom, wife and friend, Tania has dedicated her attention to making her talent a means to making people happy. The smile and reaction when people see the final product is the reason why she does what she does. When you are struggling with how to say thank you, congratulations and I love you through a personal gift, Tania is the answer.   

Connect with Tania through Airdrie Exchange or through her Facebook page with her company namesake.  Next week I will introduce you to Beckie Lower of AWIN Insurance Airdrie West.


Author: Lindsey Coyle

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