BLOG 28 – What you Focus on Grows

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I’m not going to showcase a business in this blog because I have a sense of urgency to shine a light on what we as a community can do to help our small local businesses make it through to the other side of this economic slump. Recently we have seen a couple businesses announce that they are closing thier doors for good and the community appeared distraught by the news. Two months ago it was First & Vine, last month it was Peppercorns both independent, well loved restaurants. This month Cody Party shut their retail location to switch to a different business model for their party rental portion of business, why is this happening? I know a lot of people are speculating, and based on the provicial election, pointing fingers. I’m of a different opinion. It’s about us, the community of Airdrie. Remember when High River flooded, Fort MacMurray had their fire and the Humboldt bus accident? Do you recall how we all came together to take care of others in need? This actually shows we are capable of being a highly connected community. So what happens in between crisis? It’s like we operate under extremes only, peaks and valleys. What if we could figure out a way to moderate the ride so we don’t go into a deep valley that may play into a sense of guilt and overcompensation in creating our gloriously huge mountains of goodwill? What if we could create a healthier baseline of engagement? In moments of crisis would we be better or worse as a community to take on making things happen with this approach? I don’t have the answer but in every model of instability we see peaks and valleys showing wild swings of action vs inaction. If we engage enough to lessen the valleys would it also diminish the peaks or would we see unprecedented peaks? These are questions that make challenging status quo in this area worth exploring in my opinion. A connected community can change the world, what you think a community is may need to be challenged for you to see how true this is. I was talking to a couple organizations looking for volunteers for events, festivals, daily operations and what we all recognized is until a threat of cancellation or loss is communicated there is no engagement. Based on the responce from the community at that point we realize a crisis was needed for hands to go up. What can the organizations do? We’re going to start with if we can create a hub for the community to get connected through, maybe just maybe we might change the world as we know it.

Author: Lindsey Coyle

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