BLOG 27 – Jessica Mitchell of PurClean

I connected with Jessica on a business thread on Facebook where we were exploring collaborations and contra. Jessica and I ended us agreeing to trade 10 hrs of cleaning for an annual listing. I was warned that these trades rarely go well, I’m happy to report it has been fantastic. My home is sparkling even when I have been working non stop it feels like at times. Jessica has been housecleaning for 4 years and 1.5 years ago she made the decision to incorporate so she could hire and accomodate the growth of clients rather than turn them away, and PurClean became her baby, only to compete with her other three children 9, 2 and 10 months old. Jessica explained that she doesn’t consider her business house cleaning, it’s more house detailing. She likes that herself and her team look to do the things we typically don’t get done. They take on all the details as best they can on the first visit so the maintenance go forward is easier on their end as well. This means, cleaning not just dusting the baseboards, cupboards and cleaning out the window tracks. They also consider the health of your home as well as the cleanliness. They use chemical-free cleaning products (they actually make their products!?) so pets, kids are safe, although Jessica said the one exception is toilet bowl cleaner, she can’t find anything that works as good as the product they are using currently, and they are cognitive in their process to ensure the bowls are flushed immediately.
Raise your hand if you suck as cleaning… only me? I’ve always said I have no ambition to be a better housecleaner, it’s not my talent so I’d rather be in the position to get someone that is good at it, to do my house. I am so glad to have had the opportunity for this contra exchange as it helped me see there is nothing wrong with focusing on what you are good at.
Jessica explained to me that she was in an accident on the Coquihalla by Merritt, BC in a rollover with all her kids in the car 9 months ago, do the math and that means her youngest was 1 month old. My stomach got ill instantly at the thought. It resulted in only Jessica being seriously injured and so severely, the doctors thought they were going to have to amputate her foot. She had broke both legs and her foot and ankle were so mangled it’s a miracle she is now walking. They ended up reconstructing the foot with some heavy hardware but it’s her foot and she’s walking so she is grateful! Here’s what she taught me in our chat. Because of how great her employees are, she not only was financially taken care of as the business continued with out her, her business actually grew while she was healing! Isn’t that amazing!? I think we hear too often of the lazy or entitled but this restores my faith in humanity. Employees that took on more and made things work while their boss and quite evidently friend, was in need. Oh yeah so back to what she taught me is, it’s all about the people and remembering people are humans, imperfect and good. Check our PurClean to see what a house detailing looks like!

Author: Lindsey Coyle

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