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Let me preface before I ever went for a float at Ascension, I just happen to see a Free Float certificate at almost every charity event, draw or in a basket being raffled off for a good cause, like the most recent Airdrie Family Eye Care fundraiser for Evie a local young girl fighting a rare form of cancer. I actually walked through their doors 3 weeks ago on a free float certificate I won at the Project Jack and Jill event last fall. Rian was the one to greet me at the door and as I soon learned her was working 14 hr days 6 days a week because Harley was working up north to keep their business a float… Me blissfully unaware of the suffering, immensely enjoyed my float. I was relaxed and injected with so much creativity that I worked in their chill out room for a good hour. I did chat with Rian and he alluded to the rather bleak outlook for their business. I offered our 30 day free trial offer to get them in the directory, as I have to dedicate my time to businesses in the directory. We parted ways and I didn’t see his listing come through two days later. That day happened to be the evening that First & Vine announced they were closing their doors. I saw the people on Facebook saddened by this and I was struck with a pang of guilt. Why hadn’t I approached them, what if I could have helped? So I immediately messaged Rian and told him to get Ascension in the directory and that I wanted to help if there was any way I could help him avoid closing his doors. He did that night, I came in the next morning and we talked more extensively as I really tried to get a grasp as to whether there was anything that could be done at this point. Together we saw that if the community rallied for a good three months there was totally a chance. So we walked over to his community wall and started an impromptu video. What we posted on our Facebook page for Airdrie Exchange was the first and only take. I posted in the parking lot before I left and shared to 2 groups and went grocery shopping quickly before heading home to work on the Friday Top Ten Events Video. Before I made it home the video had started to garner some attention and it was shared 5 times within the first hour at like 1130am. The rest is essentially history. This video was shared 270 times and had 31.2k reach with 13.5k video plays and 8k engagement. I was totally blown away with the community response to Rian’s wholehearted, lay it all on the table, ballsy video. That responce was a testimony to Rian and Harley’s community involvement.
I went back one week later to get the update as to what the video translated into for them on their bottom line and lets just say we were both blown away. The online sales doubled, the online bookings were filling up complete days for the next two weeks and the emails from people looking to help and collaborate were coming in a constant stream. That is a community that answers the rally cry for help an I am so proud of Airdrie and area. While I was there a family from Crossfield bought a birthday gift three float package and then bought themselves a float package. Wow, just wow. I have asked to be able to get another update at 3 months and Rian agreed so stay tuned. In the meantime what are you waiting for, get out there and try a floating with Ascension Float!

Author: Lindsey Coyle

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