Blog 24 Karen & Mark of Dang Good Carpet Cleaning

I’ve only spoke to Karen of this couple powerhouse and yet everyone I talk to has only met Mark. Karen is the behind the scenes, admin and marketing while Mark is who you see coming to your house as he is the physical aspect of their business. Although Mark and Karen reside in NW Calgary and their equipement is in NE Calgary, 50% of their business is conducted in Airdrie. Their focus on offering impeccable service and cleaning has resulted in a loyal word of mouth foundation here. Isn’t that what every business would love!? Yet so many business in their industry are not in their integrity with how they run their operation. This is my observation not Karen’s and as a true stand up entrepreneur her and Mark only focus on what they do and it shows.

Dang Good Carpet Cleaning does furnace, carpet and upholstery and coming soon this year 2019… window washing. They have been in operation since April 2016, so three years coming up real quick. They just came home with the HomeStars 2019 Best of awards for their business so they are doing a great job. There are 4 employees now and come summer with the addition of window washing they anticipate hiring two more. When I asked Karen about their community involvement she was almost apologetic as she seemed to think that their involvement with the local church was not enough? Based on the current economic landscape, their very valid focus has been to ensure their employees are taken care of. That is the sentiment of a true leader. Community involvement isn’t always about supporting events or non profits, its making sure your people are secure so their families are stable and cared for. Community involvement must always be within your means and should never threathen your sustainability. Saying no now so you can give a meaningful yes down the road is something I identify with and support for new businesses. I love that Dang Good Carpet Cleaning came on board with our directory because it challenges you to reconsider what support local means. It’s not about where you live, it’s about how much you care for those you serve. Their excellent reputation and growth through word of mouth is testimony to that.

Author: Lindsey Coyle

One thought on “Blog 24 Karen & Mark of Dang Good Carpet Cleaning

  1. Thank you so much Lindsey for the feedback ?We sure love Airdrie. In fact only yesterday one of our employees commented that we happened to have gone a couple days without serving Airdrie as it’s their favourite area too. But with Spring officially here now we hope to be very busy in Airdrie any day. We hope to see a lot of folks at the Airdrie Home Show soon.
    Best Wishes, Karen, Co-Owner,
    ?Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning ?

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