BLOG 12 Kerrie Collingham of Kre8ing Waves

I have met Kerrie numerous times over the last year at markets and events and finally at a recent event through Gypsiella I was able to connect with her and get to know more about what she does. I found what she does so intriguing I referred my mom, she now takes her great Pyrenees Milah to Kerrie for Magna wave treatments. Big dogs are famous for arthritis and joint issues and poor Milah has already had an ACL tear and reparative surgery 3 years ago and she is only 6 years old now. I jealously call Milah my little sister, as my mom makes all pets instant family, but this big fluffy polar bear sized sweetheart is a show stopper. The magna wave therapy that Kerrie offers is a chance to offer Milah pain relief, reduced inflammation so healing can occur. I recently tore my achilles and going through the healing process so this therapy as I learned would help me as well.

Kre8ing Waves started in June of this year and Kerrie Collingham the owner listed in our directory back in October, if you want to explore PEMF therapy for yourself or your four-legged family members. Kerrie works from home and is mobile with her PEMF device which essentially increases circulation at a cellular level using magnetic waves being aimed at pain affected joints (arthritis and ACL tears). This therapy is a drug free alternative for pain control and allows the natural healing process to occur when the inflammation is reduced.

In speaking to Kerrie her passion is for pets based on her experience with supporting her own dog’s recovery from a knee injury, she wished she knew about magna wave back then. The vision for her company is to someday open a pet rehabilitation pool, in conjunction with the current magna wave therapy, could provide a fun alternative to pain relief and healing. I’d love to see her successful in this vision, many owners would do anything to offer relief from pain for their loved fur babies.

Author: Lindsey Coyle

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