Blog #2 Airdrie Exchange is more than a business, it’s a movement

Hi me again… How are you supposed to start blogs?

My name is Lindsey Coyle, I’m 41 and Airdrie Exchange is my purpose put into action.  I recently ran for council and came in 9th when only the top 6 get the gig.  Two weeks of picking myself off the ground and coming to term with what I thought was a lost opportunity to positively impact my community. I was so certain I was where I needed to be and developed some serious distrust in the universe for a period. I see so much potential in Airdrie and I wanted to play a part in creating the changes I think we need, to make Airdrie even better. During the election I was asked repeatedly, how will you engage the community, how would you support local businesses and finally how would you support arts and culture in Airdrie.  These were great questions I earnestly wanted to see progress in, I came up with a business I thought would be effective to all three questions.

Plot Twist

So this is where the story gets a little weird, my business was not for Airdrie Exchange but for Exchange of Presence.  This business was the idea of connecting families and loved ones with quality time dates through once a month events, classes and workshops put on by the local businesses, artists and non profits. I determined as much as Exchange of Presence was a great idea and is needed in our community, the numbers didn’t lie.  The cost to promote, advertise and exercise a well rounded marketing plan was prohibitive as a new business.  How to you make it to the coveted established and secure realm of business and thrive if you can’t effectively get the word out that you exist?  Due to this realization, Airdrie Exchange was born.   How many great people doing great things in Airdrie are struggling due to this issue?  I spoke to many business owners while I explored Exchange of Presence and I knew the answer wasn’t ideal.


The business community needs a local directory that the families use.  The community needs one centralized communication hub for an event calendar to be effective.  I run a non profit as well and the ability to communicate the need to the community cost effectively is priceless.  Essentially the businesses will build the much needed platform for everyone in Airdrie through their participation fees.  I am committed to using the participation fees from the directory to advertise, promote and market so the directory will be known and used by families. I am actively working to connect the community is more ways than one.

Author: Lindsey Coyle

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